National Award winner Sadhana: Toughest scene when Shelly Aunty beats me

Director Ram's 'Thanga Meengal' brought rejoice to Kollywood by winning three National Awards recently - including, Best Film, Best Lyrics and Best Child Actor. IndiaGlitz caught on with the award winning young talent Sadhana exclusively at her home in Dubai. Still reeling under her victory surprise, Sadhana bursting with enthusiasm shared her happiness and emotions on wining such a prestigious award.

Having never imagined that she would win such prestigious award, the bubbly little one is very thankful to her director Ram, whom she fondly calls as Ram Uncle.
"When Ram Uncle called me, I immediately started crying," remarked an excited Sadhana recalling the day when she got the call from her director for winning National Award. "I was very happy and my parents hugged me tight and cried. I didn't believe that I bagged such award. It was truly an emotional moment for all of us," said Sadhana who hence considers the National Award very special award.
Having achieved such high acclaim at a very young age is truly amazing and Sadhana knows it didn't come so easily. Expressing her gratitude to her director she said, "I thank Ram Uncle for giving me this opportunity. Ram Uncle had always been an inspiration for me." She also remembered her dear grandfather whom she was close to and was very encouraging. "I'm dedicated this award to my grandfather, who unfortunately passed away in January." Agreeing with his daughter, Sadhana's father revealed that it was actually his father, a movie freak, who had predicted that Sadhna will get a National Award for this film.

When asked about her most difficult scene in 'Thanga Meengal', Sadhna recalled the one where she is beaten by her on-screen mother played by Shelly Kishore. With twinkle in her eyes, the cute child actor smilingly recalled how the scene was shot, where she had to suffer real slaps from 'Shelly Aunty'. It so happened that Shelly was finding it difficult to act out the scene; so on director's advice Shelly had beaten Sadhana in real to look authentic and the poor child had to take it all for nearly seven times - the number of retakes they had for the scene. "If people have found the scene emotional, maybe it's because I had gone through it so emotionally," said Sadhana.

Like any other kid, Sadhana hopes high for her future. Although she never thought that she will enter acting field, Sadhana had dreamt of becoming director. She also very happy that 'Thanga Meengal' got award for Best Film as well as for the song "Ananda Yaazhai Meettugirai" written by Na.Muthukumar.


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