Tamil cine actors and actresses are into hunger strike today in support of Sri Lankan Tamils.

Rajinikanth, Sarathkumar, Ajith Kumar, Suriya, Karthi, 

Sivakumar, Chandrasekar, Sibi and many other actors are into 

the hunger strike. Also, actresses including Devayani and 

Kovai Sarala are participating in the hunger strike.

Actors and actresses who are participating in the hunger 

strike said that there should be a dawn for Sri Lankan Tamils 

and that war criminals should be punished.

Actors and actresses opined regarding the issue

Vishal:Affected Tamils in Sri Lanka should get back their 

rights. Central Government should intervene and should make 

arrangements for the Sri Lankan Tamils to be 

rehabilitated.Those who indulged in war crimes should be 


Nassar:People from across the globe are extending hand in 

favour of Sri Lankan Tamils. Artists Association is into 

hunger strike. The Tamil Eelam should have formed long time 

 It pains me that their demand has not been conceded even 

after loss of many lives.The agitation would come to 

attention of the whole world. Let there be a dawn for the Sri 

Lankan Tamils.

Prakash Raj: Nobody has right to take away the basic rights 

of humans. The activities in Sri Lanka are very bad. Tamil 

community is destroyed. Let there be a dawn for Sri Lankan 

Tamils. The bill passed in Tamil Nadu Assembly with regard to 

the Sri Lankan issue should be considered and hailed by 

Central Government. The agitation would continue till then.

Kovai Sarala: For Central Government to intervene in Sri 

Lankan Tamil issue, people have joined hands for agitation.
The agitation is for restoration of rights. A dawn should 

happen for Eelam Tamils.

Bharath: Sri Lankan Tamils are our brothers. They should not 

be affected in anyway. Central Government should intervene 

and should take up measures for rehabilitation of Sri Lankan 



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