Settai Movie Review

UTV Motion Pictures, which had produced Delhi Belly, an adult comedy film, decided to remake it in Tamil by doing away with explicit contents, which would not have gone well with the local audience. The Hindi version was a huge hit.
Story: It is about three roommates, JK (Arya), a journalist, a graphic artist played by Premgi and a reporter Nadupakkam Nakki (Santhanam). They are chased around the city by gangsters after a stool sample mix-up. Well, Madhu (Hansika), an air hostess and the girlfriend of JK, gets a packet and she passes it to her beau. JK carelessly hands over it to Nakki to take it to home. On his way to home, Nakki is distracted by a streetside tandoori chicken stand of dubious hygienic standards and eats the chicken that upsets his stomach.
Immediately, he meets a doctor, who asks for a stool sample and the characters soon learn that it’s unwise to mix up one’s stool sample with a million-dollar packet, thereby triggering to set the plot in motion. Now, the three friends are targeted by a suitably cold-blooded criminal and his gang. What happens next should be seen on-screen. Director Kannan, as said before, has tweaked the storyline to suit the local audience. More importantly, there are no cuss words and no adult one-liners, and the much-talked kissing scene in the film is just a camera trick. But there are toilet jokes.


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