Mariyaan means immortal. Mythologies say that a Kshatriya does not have death.Same way, the title for the upcoming flick means that Mariyaan does not have death.
The movie is a blockbuster one produced by Aascar Ravichandran.
A youth who encounters problems is struggling between life and death. But he smashes the obstacles and emerges victorious through his tendency as a warrior.His romance helps him in the struggle.
Poo Parvathi has paired up Dhanush for the upcoming flick Mariyaan.
Bharat Bala who won acclaim through Vande Mataram album has directed the movie.
The movie has other stars as National Award winner Appukutty, Saleem Kumar, Vinayagam, Jagan, Ankur Vikal and Uma Riyaaz.
AR Rahman has composed music for Dhanush Starrer for the first time.
Cinematography is by Marc Konickx who handled camera for world famous movie Johny Mad Dog
Since the story of the movie revolves around a life, the scenes have been shot in fishermen villages by the seashore and in African jungles and deserts.
Of late, movies centre life of fishermen. centring life of fishermen as Kadal, Neer Paravai and David failed in attracting fans to the theatres.
Mariyaan crew has taken into account these failures and has included novel scenes into the movie and is making scenes with much care. Following success of number Kolaveri in movie "3", Dhanush has huge number of fans. Even those who do not know Tamil have started watching Dhanush movies following success of the number.

Movie "Mariyaan&rsquo", with many interesting features in it, has boosted the anticipation among fans

Starring:Dhanush,  Poo Parvathi,  Appu Kutty,  Salim Kumar,  Vinayakan,  Jagan,  Ankur Vikal,  Uma Riyaz Khan
Direction:  Bharat Bala
Music: AR Rahman
Production:  Oscar Ravichandran


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