Chennaieil Oru Naal - Review

A leading cinema superstar (Prakashraj), a noted doctor (Prasanna) celebrating his wedding anniversary with his wife (Iniya), an up and coming journalist (Mithun) wanting to interview the superstar, his parents (Jayaprakash & Lakshmi Ramakrishnan), his girlfriend (Parvathi Menon), a disgraced traffic constable (Cheran), a Police Commissioner (R. Sarathkumar) - The lives of all these people happen to be interwoven due to a single incident! The superstar's car crashes into the journalist's 2-wheeler, and the journalist suffers a fatal accident! On arriving at the hospital, he is declared brain-dead, but put on the ventilator! His parents are distraught! At the same time, the superstar's little daughter is seriously ill, and needs a heart transplant to keep her alive! The initially reluctant parents of the journalist, later agree to donate their son's heart to the ailing girl! However, the hitch is that, the heart has to travel over 140 Kms, and the weather problems negate using a helicopter! The only option is to transport the heart by road, but it has to travel the 140 Kms, within 90 minutes! The Police Commissioner puts together a team, and the constable volunteers to do the driving, in an effort to clear all the past black marks against his name!
Chennaieil Oru Naal, is a heart-touching tale of organ donation, and safety awareness, told in an endearing way! Each of the characters has been cast with amazing perfection, and with such an ensemble cast, the performances are classy! Sarathkumar has played the role of a cop in a number of movies, but excels in a completely different cop avatar, here! Prakashraj just breezes through the role of a superstar, and Cheran as the disgraced cop trying to set his name straight, is apt! Radhikaa as the anguished mother of an ailing child, and wife of a superstar, is good! However, the most stellar performances are from Jayaprakash and Lakshmy Ramakrishnan, as parents who witness their son's death, and donate his heart to save another life! Suriya makes a cameo appearance, and with his power-packed speech, adds to the strength of the movie! Shaheed Kader, the director has stayed true to the original Traffic, and brought out a superb thriller, with minor changes made to suit the Kollywood audience!
A fast thriller, which extolls the value of organ-donation and following traffic rules!


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