Actor Vijay escaped from rude fan crowd…

Actor Vijay escaped from rude fan crowd…  
Chaos marred the function arranged by actor Vijay at Villupuram yesterday. The function was a ‘mass marriage ceremony in which 11 pairs were to enter into matrimony at the same hall. Vijay, continuing his publicity-oriented activities, had undertaken the expenses of this ceremony.

The event was held in Ananda Marriage Hall on the Villupuram-Chennai highway. The organizers had planned the event in such a manner as not to let many relatives and friends of all the bride and grooms and had allowed only a few hundred participants. This was done so that there won’t be any ‘fan’ problem when Vijay arrived. Journalists were allowed inside the hall to cover the event.
However, news of Vijay’s arrival at the hall had spread fast and thousands of fans of the actor had gathered outside the halls. The commotion could have been averted had Vijay, who arrived after some time, continued to proceed into the marriage hall without waving at his fans. The excited fans forced their way into the marriage hall when Vijay was casually speaking to the couple after the marriage ceremony was solemnized.

When denied permission to enter the hall, the irritated fans broke the door and the furniture inside the hall even as Vijay was standing at the far end of the hall. Sensing that the situation might go out of hand, Vijay made his exit by climbing over a small wall which ran along the hall. The commotion resulted in the priests and journos suffering minor injuries.


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