Actor Jeyam Ravi fights with Holly wood actor in Poolakam film

Jeyam Ravi is acting as a boxing hero in “Poolakam” film. 

Thirisha acts as a heroine in this film   Kalyana krishnan who had directed “Eyatkai” “Peranmai” with him he was as an assistant director there.

One boxing hero’s real story is created in this film that is in North Chennai. In this film Jean Rave acts as a boxing hero. He had acted already as a boxing hero in “M.Kumaran son af Mahaludsumi”.

Former boxing hero and American famous actor Nathan Johns acts in an important character. He is in 7 feet and fantastic feature he already acted in “Dray” film in ‘Pokriyas’role.

Kalyana krishnan says “It will be new experience and unseen matter in Tamil film history.

This is not new experience to him and he already fought with Holly wood villan  Rolan Kikkinsar.


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