Actor Arjun means proudly –His daughter Iswarya to become an actress

Arjun’s daughter introduces as a Holly wood actress presently in “Paddaththu Yanai” film in Maickal Rayyappan and acts with Vishal.

Arjun introduces her daughter to reporters and gave interpretation. He tells more:

I am in this cinema field for 30 years. I have met reporters as a director and Producer. This meeting is new. This assembling is to introduce my daughter. This is proud to me. I have received money, fame, friends and happiness all in this cinema. It gave meals (rice) to all.

Many of them admired him. Some persons said if she is a boy it will o.k. is she a woman? Is it good? Both goodness and badness are all in this field. He told that I brought up her as a boy. He told that he hasn’t any fear.

Cinema is my home. If I afraid of   to go to inside how can come others?

Vishal acts as a hero that is happiness. Vishal had worked as an assistant director. He is active. My daughter also likes to act with him. Arjun said in this view. When he gave an interview Actor Vishal, Director Poopathy Pandiyan, Director Mackal Rayyappan also were with them.


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