Music Drama Academic Award to Isai Gnani Ilaya Rajah

Music Drama Academic Award is provided to Music, Dance, Drama and Cinema. Popular Artists will elect for it. This award is given for National Association.

36 Artists have elected for it. Isai Gnani Ilaya Rajah, Raja segar, Mansoor( Hindustani voice music), Ajay pokankar(Hindustani voice music), Safeer Han (Thabela), Pakavutheen Thakar(Ruthira Veena), Karnatic Music Artists O.S,Thiyakarajan (Voice music), Mysoor M.Nagarajah(Violin), K.V.Prasath(Miruthankam), Pay Balbeer Singe Raki (Kurbani) These 9 Artists are going to obtain this award.

Violin expert N.Rajam, Kirami Award expert-D.H. Vinayak Ram and famous Drama Preceptor Raththan Thiyam have elected for Belloship Award. This award has provided only to 40 persons up to now. Nanthini Ramani and Arun Kaaka Dei also obtain for Entire participation and helping tend .

This Belloship Award has included 300,000Rs and other valuable gifts. Academic Award has included 100,000Rs and other valuable gifts.


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