Actor Was injured in accident

Chennai : Actor Was injured in accident while in Vishnuvarthan’s  film shooting and this video was published on yesterday many others saw and shocked
Ajith kumar acts in Visnuvarthan’s film. He hasn’t elected any title yet. in one fighting scene, when he stands in front of one car, He met an accident and injured in his leg severely. Doctors advise to him to make surgery in it. But he has rejected their suggestion. I am going to do after end of this film. This incident was published in web sites. Many persons ask that, For what he takes risk?
But he thinks it will be good with out dupe. He took risk and acting in Mankaththa,Billa 1 & 2, Parama sivan and other films. His fans tell that first “Thala”see your condition of body health by it we will be happy.


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