Thillu Mullu secret has come out now about “Enthiran” film

This “Enthiran” film was taken in Tamil in very huge budget by Shankar’s direction. Robot Rajini had worn spectacle or glass always, what is the reason for it? It has come out now.

We had decided that Shankar used to separate to show both scientist Vasi and Robot characteristic Siddy. But, that is wrong he used it to reduce the cost of expense of Visual Graphic by many steps. It has come out now.

70 corers had estimated for Visual Effect in “Enthiran” film but Srinivas Mohan reduced for 20 corers by use only by 3 matters.

It will take long time to bring bright movement from eyes clearly. So, he spoke about it with Shankar and he gave suggestion to do 3 kinds of alternations in Robot Rajinikanth’s body.

So, Robot Rajini kanth wears cooling glass always, by this they need not spend too much time to create movement of eyes.

Robot Rajini’s hair will be short and he had worn only leather clothes. These techniques were used here. Srinivas told that it was reduced to 20 corers from 70 corers by these techniques.

Do you understand that what was there behind to cooling glass?


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