Kareena shocks – Assets problem in Sayeef’s family

Actor Sayeef Alikan and Kareena Kaboor’s wedding has finished. 

Sayeef belongs to Navaf generation. Sayeef is Mansoor Alikan Badadodi’s one son.

He has in his name, Badadodi palace, Agricultural lands, buildings and business complexes all together totally above 750 corers.

By sayeef and Kareena’s wedding this all assets are captured by her? They fear and family problem is created by it. They have asked to divide and give them each other. Sayeef Alikan’s sisters Saba and Soka enjoys it them selves but Mansoor Alikan’s sisters, Saleeka and Sabeeka take ownership to this assets. They have compelled to give too them equal part in all. When Sayeef Alikan told about it, I don’t think how much worth of assets will be to us? But a lot of them will be there, so, negotiation places to share them to all.


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