I’ll become and shine as a heroine again – Simran’s Interpretation

Actress Simran had rounded as a famous actress above 10 years in Holly wood. She had tied all the fans by hip cut dance.

She is appreciated as a good and famous actress. Now day’s actresses haven’t found like her. We may ensure it. After she left from cinema and entered to marriage life, children she bears family burden then she entered to mini (Sinna Thirai) cinema. Now she is going to direct cinema according to her demand. She spoke more about it...

I am looking for good director if story is good, film will win in the field. A lot of films have failed without good story. Mini cinema film will win by good story. She told that, I will give good cinema to my fans.

Is it really your husband going to act in cinema? Asked her fans. She was laughing and told them. He never act, he hasn’t enough time to carry out his own business. It isn’t suitable to him. Do you have idea to act cinema again? I’ll do it again. I began to do gym to become thin. I change old Simran again for Jackpot events. If I get chance I’ll act again. She moves her hip. This is no surprise she’ll come to act again and she’ll become another round soon.


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