Couples of Film Star celebrate –Thalai Deepavali

Actor Pirasanna and Sineka celebrate Thalai Deepavali.

They married last May in this year.After their marriage, They act as couples together including cinema advertisements. Sineka acts in “Vidiyal and Piriyani”.

Sineka has bought new dresses to Thalai Deepavali too Pirasanna. They are in rest for Deepavali with out acting. They have done special items of food and short eats. They visit to orpanage homes.

Sineka had made arrangement to celebrate Pirasanna’sbirthday at orpanage omes before some weeks. She provided support to orpans specially. Now,  today they provided food and other support to them.

Sineka had got special silk (paddu)  saree from husband’s home. She told hat I celebrated Deepavali with my husband.


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