Youths’ (Elashukalin) song releasing of Jaffna Hindu College

Youths’ (Elashukalin) song releasing festival with Guidance and counseling of Jaffna Hindu College

Time                                        : 24-09-2012

Venue                                      : Jaffna Hindu College Prayer Hall

Published / released by           : Guidance and Counseling service Teacher
               Mr.N.K. Makizhchchi karan

            Children club president           : N.Sivakulan

            Music Direction                      T.Matheesan

            Song CDs received at 1st        : Mr.S.Nimalan –Vice principal Jaffna Hindu College
Mr.S. Thiraviyanathan Sectional Head, Jaffna Hindu College
About releasing function:

This is 3rd releasing ceremony of youths’ several organizations aid to effected people by war and other reasons. They distribute educational tools and equipments and food items. But they don’t get any love and affection from them. We should respect and love them as our own brothers and sisters. We should give them enough confidence and protection. This song expresses them strongly.

Verses of song                        : Selvan T- Matheesan (Gr-13)

Poetic verses               : Nishanhan Teacher Jaffna Hindu College

Poem                           : S-Mayuresan (Gr-11)

Sung by                       : Selvan B.Vishnukaran Jegani
                                    : Selvan M.Kokulan (Gr-09)
Music Direction          : Selvan T.Matheesan (Gr-13)

Sound Recording        : Mr.K. Saththiyan (Old student)

Guidance with                        : Mr.N.K. Makizhchchi karan
  Guidance and Counseling service Teacher 


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