Who will direct Rajini’s next film? – Thanu told about A.R.Murugathas’s talents

K.V.Ananth told that, I haven’t got enough talent to direct Rajini’s film. Super star has been acting in “Kochchadaiyan” film. 

This film shooting will be going on very busy. In this current situation who will direct Rajini’s next film?

Rajini met with in short term “Kalai puli Thanu” at the time, Thanu told about A.R.Murugathas’s talents. Some times Rajini’s next film direction will be given either A.R.Murugathas or K.S.Ravi kumar.

K.V.Ananth,Hari, A.R.Murugathas, K.S.Ravi kumar and Suresh kirushna’s names are beaten for Rajini’s next film.

When they asked rom K.V.Ananth about it, He said that “No, I don’t direct his film. Rajini, he is Super Star and talented actor, how can I direct him? already, Rajini’s film directors are great. I can’t do it.......


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