Srithevi is in happy by Rajini’s appreciation “English Winglish”

Srithevi acts again in “English Winglish” film. It remakes both in Tamil and Hindi. She acted last in 1986 in “Nan Adimai Illai” in Tamil film.

She settled marriage life in Mumbai with ponikaboor when she was busy in Hindi film. She came t cinema again after 25 years in “English Winglish” film.

This film shooting was over. It is going to release on 14th October. She liked to show it to Rajini personally before release . special show was arranged in Chennai at Preview Theature. Rajini came there with his family. He admired her after end of every scenes. He doesn’t miss to admire other actors and actresses and technical officers. She is in happy because of Rajini’s great appreciation.


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