Shocked Kavutham Menan by Pithushi’s murder / assassination

Model beauty who won in the Miss. Chennai competitation Award, That lady was murdered. She acted in Odisha and other films.

 Pithushi has acted in Tamil, Malayala, and Telugu. She has acted in “Veddaiyadu Vilaiyadu” film with Kamal in Kavutham Menan’s direction. She came in Pirakash raj’s daughter’s character. There was a scene as like Pithushi was murdered by villan in that film. Bu, now it has happened really.

She married before 3 years, Maraththi state puney one Engineer Ketar Satha Siva (26) loved and married him. They lived together in Mumbai Antheri. She was murdered in that house.

Director Kavutham Menan told more about it...

I have shocked when I know about Pithushi’s murder. A lot of persons have come to act one scene in “Veddaiyadu Vilaiyadu” film. Pithushi was suitable person to it. She had acted as a model in some advertisements. I elected her by body appearance. I like her.

Pithushi was dull in 2nd day of film shooting. They conveyed that she is a diabetic person. End of this film, her mother was in my contact. Her daughter isn’t with good health condition. In this situation, I shocked by her murder.

Kavutham Menan said in these ways....


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