New films release on last Friday

3 new films have released on Friday in theatres. “Aarokanam” is one of them. It has directed by Luxmi Rama Kiushnan. 

This film has obtained rain of appreciation in preview scene. This film has directed without hopefulness about actors and actresses. He trusted only story of film.

This film has shows one 17 years old boy looks for his mother with sister. Incidents for one day are formed beautifully entire film. Next film is “Mayilu” Haris Dhayani will provide. This film also released on yesterday. This film has formed with Ilayarajah’s music. It has taken about back ground of rural village.

Third film is “Yarukku Theriyum?” film. This is a thriller film. Un expected and entire new is this film. Kala Bavan Mani, Sanchsana sink and except Jeya pirakash and others are new arrivals to film. This is action film with out much patience.

These 3 films were taken with small budget. These types of small films will release up to Deepavali. This is good; we can see them with out great expectation.


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