Macro level release Actor Jeams Band’s “Sky fall” in India in 1300 Cinema Theatres

Actor Jeams Band is a great actor in Holly wood. His name has tied all his fans about 50 years. 

His 22 films have released. Now his 23rd film is “Sky fall”. It is going to release in world wide.

Hero Daniyal Kriayk , He is cigarette Agent and he has earned good name by honesty. His name has effected by lack of hopeful ness. How does he break enemies by intelligent and miracles. How does e come out from it?

Jeyiyar Bodam is villan (Enemy) in this film. He has got enough experience for acting since his childhood. He has changed his co lour of hair is white.

Nayomi Ponish is come out as a band girl and Maloki are great stars. They had brought many important achievements. It has directed by Sammendas. His 7th film is “Sky fall”. He had got already academic and several awards. He is a good performer.

Taking Jeams Band film is found like to give fodder to elephants. It will bring a lot of huge expenses so; many producers hesitated to do this film. Finally Colombia pictures and Sony pictures decided to prepare entertainment.

Jeams Band film is found like in November1st. 150 Million Dollar dreams for world wide fans are going to expand as your theatres show. It is going to release in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English in India in 1300 theatres. It is released by sony Pictures Company.


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