Kareena saif go to Swiss for Honey Moon

Bally wood lovers jodi Saif Alihan and Kareena’s marriage held on 16th October. 

Their reception placed before 3 or 4 days.

Sharukkan, Hiruthik Rosan, Pireeththi and Jintha attended in this event. Political leaders came directly and conveyed their blessing.

Both Sayif and Kareena returned to Mumbai. Kareena participated shooting since 22nd October.

She participates in due scene in Mumbai with Sharukkan for new film. Sayif also participates in Hindi film shooting in Central Divisional State.

Islamic form says that their marriage hasn’t force, in this present situation they increase their love or kindness more and more. They’ll go to Swiss for Honey Moon. They’ll return to India on 7th January 2013.


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