Kamal Starts Cinema Training School for Artists

“Ulaka Nayakan” Kamala Hasan sacrificed him self to develop Tamil cinema towards international quality (Standard).

He is in this cinema field since his childhood and he takes part as Director, Sentence performer, Singer, Dance director in different difficulties of Cinema artists. So, he has got helping tendency to assist them. He’ll do that what he can do?

In this mind, it appeared cinema training school to them. He takes effort to start this school to improve artists’ talents.

He describes about it in the reporters assembly which has organized by Indian professional and Business Corporation.

I liked to become an actor since my childhood. There was no facility and place take training for cinema acting. But now a lot of facilities have developed to them. Several cinema technical field officers, fighting artists and hard working artists who are back ground of the screen.

So, we take effort to start one school for them It will be helpful particularly to improve all the young technical artists’ skill.


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