Again Iswarya in Mani’s film – Suhashini’s interpretation

Iswarya is going to act in film of  Manirathnam’s direction. This news was spread. She did body exercise to reduce her weight after delivery.

She acted in 1997 in “Iruvar” film, in 2007 in “Kuru” and in  2010  in “Ravanan” and 4th  time . She is going to act in one new film in Manirathnam’s direction.

He is busy now in “Kadal” film and end of this film he’ll direct. It was expected but his wife and actress suhashini denied it.

When she tells about it he has involved with whole involvement in it. He’ll think about next after this current film. He’ll take more than 8 month to create story for new film. So, his news about next film, which is not every thing true. He is going to direct actress Iswarya’s film that is also not true.


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