Actress Thirisha’s father who lived alone passed away on last Thursday 18th Oct.

Actress Thirisha’s father Kirushnan  passed away on Oct-18th

He is in 66. He worked as a manager in a hotel in Hydrabath. He suffered with heart disease. He was taken to hospital. He passed away there without success of treatment.

This information was given to Thirisha and her mother Uma.Her mother conducted beauty parlor in one hotel. In the same hotel Kirushnan worked as a manager, they loved each other. Finally they married. After Thirisha’s birth they were miss under standing each other finally they separated and lived them selves. When Thirisha acts rich girl in cinema. She got Miss Chennai award later became famous actress. Her parents lived alone . Her father worked in Hotel and stayed there.

Before some years, He went and worked in Hydrabath. Thirisha will go and obtain blessing from father for her birth day. This was only relation ship with Thirisha and her father Kirushnan. He worked and lived in his own earning in monthly salary.


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