Action King Arjun’s daughter “Iswarya” will join with Visal

Arjun is showing 35 years old effects after in his 50. 

In film shooting field Iya’s move will remember 20 years old. Why is this story now? Do you ask it? Arjun’s daughter is in 21. Named Iswarya, Arjun’s daughter and teenage angels enters soon to cinema field.

Any body didn’t see Iswarya’s film as like Ratha’s daughter Thulasi up to now. She is Action King’s daughter so demand is more to welcome her or take Aaraththi in industries. It is placed with  Visal’s acting with Poobathy Pandiyan’s direction . This film is “Paddaththu Yanai” Iswarya’s introduction may be there. This is only guessing one but not sure.

Arjun’s daughter Iswarya is also has desire to act and Poobathy Pandiyan’s related persons asked her to act but she told that I want to ask from my father. Arjun also very busy in “Vana Yuththam” and he will return to home  after 2 days . After that will she act or not ? We can know about it?


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