30 Short films in 30 hours—Inaugural ceremony tomorrow in Vavuniya

                          30 films in 30 hours with the help of Indian A.V.R. Movie of technical support. This
                          Fuctions were placed in Vavuniya at Kurumankadu.

These short films are going to produce by Director S-Varathakumar. In this inaugural   ceremony Vavuniya D.S- Mr.A.Sivabalasuntharan, Cutural officer E.Niththiyananthan, Tamil Associate president  Tamilaruvi Sivakumaran, Vanni parliament M.P. Vino Nokaraka lingam were invited there.S-Varathakumar’s Thavippu, Thavarana Azhaippu, Manikam Jegan’s Katpooram, Marunthu are going to film within 4 hours.

“Vazhavidunkal” whole lengthy film shooting and song releasing event is placed there.

Actors who passed for short film exams, they are going to act in these short films. This exam was conducted by A.V.R movie. These short films are going to market to European countries.


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