Valu Simbhu met Thala Ajith

Simbhu is Ajith’s severe fan. He expresses it in his films. He met Thala Ajith just before some days in Mumbai in “Vishnuvarthan” film shooting.

Ajith went to Mumbai for “English Winglish” film at the same time Simbhu also went there for “Poda Podi” film song climax shooting.

They met eah other there. They were talking about both Gym, body exercise and health of body.

Now, Simbhu had finished “Poda Podi” film and takes interest about “Valu” film. I saw edited scenes upto now for valu film. It has come well and director Vijay Santhar and editor Suresh serviced excellently.

One song is going to release for this film. That is “Lavannuravan Nee Yaruda? En munnadi Vanthu ninnu paruda” song is going to release soon. He conveys about it.


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