“VAALU” Director Vijay Chandar admired grandly Simbhu

Simbu means he involves in others matters with out permission. 

He acts in his desire with out others expectation. He has got these unwanted deeds. But, Valu director Vijay Chandar rejects this accusation.

When he talks about Simbhu, He is a good actor. He’ll speak frankly or openly with out secrets and he is interested that which films are acted by him, they will come well. Others understand him wrongly. They look at him with wrong views.

Simbhu acted in my Valu film and this is totally my own screen play story. He didn’t disturb me or others. What I say him he’ll do it correctly, if it is not satisfaction he’ll ready to act again. He has acted especially in this film. Vijay Chandar said about him in good manner.


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