Thuppakki entered new record in prohibition extended

Thuppakki film is acted by Vijay and Kajal Akarval with A.R.Murukathas’s direction. It is ready to release after end of the position.

In this position “Kalla Thuppakki” film Director S.Ravi Devan’s title of film Thuppakki and designs are in his title of Kalla Thuppakki. Title and design are made copy and created and then e filed case in high court.

Title of this film was prohibited before 2 months. Thuppakki film directors don’t submi proper documents up to now. This prohibition has extended 6 times to this title.

Fighting is not ended yet for this title. This case has come to high court yesterday. Judge investigated this case and postpone the investigation up to 17th September.

This film is going to release to Deepavali but prohibiton hasn’t ended, this matter is surrounded Vijay’s fans are found with sadness.


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