“The king of the streets” kungfoo China language film comes in Tamil

Bruslee is to Kungfoo fight. Jedly is to Karatthe. Jakkishan is to kungfoo. Donijo is to Thaibaksing and action actors have attracted all the fans.

This fights have learnt by actor Usang for “The king of the streets” in Chinese film. This film has produced cost of in several corer SLRs. This film is going to release all round in India soon.

This film will release with dubbing in Tamil. Indo overseas films Feros Iliyas accompanied and released.

Usang goes to jail after one murder in street fighting. He release after 8 years.  His battle field of life is mentioned in this film. It has produced in whole lengthy and action film.

Before is film release, He is going to come with his gang to do fighting scenes directly.

Holly wood actors and actress’s dresses are in auction for poor people’s education


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