Stage of cinema in Jaffna

Stage of cinema in Jaffna
                   For past few years, because of the unbalance social political condition, the traditional arts had been ruining and disappearing in Jaffna where the residence of Tamil arts and culture was once up on a time.

  In that period the people was diverted towards the Indian cinema for entertain. They were attracted by the Indian movies and teledramas. Their interesting was dragged towards the cinema.
                    But after the war was end, the Tamil arts and attempts to create and grow the Tamil arts have sprouted again little by little but in different way. Jaffna tamil artist are interested to make a stage for tamil art in Jaffna again. they try to perform for traditional arts such as stage drama, Karnataka music, dance ( baratham) .
                   Impact of the movies and television channel the people who are dragged towards the cinema are unable to return again their interesting to traditional art. Although the situation and social condition is fit for enjoying the traditional arts, still their attention is with movies. So people expectation of art is in a different shape. people is not ready to enjoy the traditional arts and they are interesting in cinema.

 Because of the Jaffna tamil people are interesting in cinema they are starting bit by bit the directing and acting for cinema. But in the developing stage of cinema in Jaffna, they are unable to deliver a full-length film as India. Because, in the underdeveloped stage of cinema in jaffna, nobody would be ready to produce a great amount for full- length film. Another reason, that unable to produce a full-length film is lack of directors in Jaffna. There are very few directors who are interesting to direct a film. But they have lack of knowledge and experience in cinema. Not only the directors but also the actors, cameraman, editor, are so. And no enough technology and facilities in Jaffna like India.

                   So, for such a reasons, the learning artists in cinema produce short film. Now a day in all direction of Jaffna there are lot of attempt to produce the short film. Really, this attempt is worthy to congratulate them. But these efforts face mostly failure and negative result among the audience, because the expectation of the people about the cinema depends on the India cinema. So they expect a film in quality of Indian film. This is really impossible in Jaffna.
                   Because of the lack of facility and technology, the storywriters have to write a story according the Jaffna situation  and although the story writer create  a  qualified story, the script writer can’t follow that because, they have to write script according their limited facilities. They can’t write a scene of accident fire bomb blast to show this scene. They can use the symbols but not directly. Although the script writer writes a qualified script the directors are unable to modify it. Although the directors try to direct a film with high quality, the capacity of camera men, unreality acting of the actors, talking style of duping artist, incorrect shooting spot, in sufficient post production activity and technology are not that much of quality like Indian cinema.
                   The audience never thinks the activity behind the screen. They just view the scream and commence that our Jaffna productions are not worth. In fact audience too should have the knowledge of cinema to accept the production. They don’t think about the problem and struggle that face when shoot a short film in Jaffna. They must understand it is not correct to compare the Jaffna short film in beginning stage with the fully grown Indian cinema.
                   In fact this attempt to create a little short film is the foundation for form a stage a of tamil cinema in Jaffna.

                                                                             Written by
                                                                   Ramya Uthayakumar


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