Sancjay Dutt prefers to act as Thirunangai character in “Kanchana” Hindi Remake film

Dance Master Lawrance had acted and directed “Kanchana” devil film. 

This film accumulated a lot of vasool whole in Tamil nadu. Ludsumy Ray and Kovai Sarala had acted in it. Actor Sarath kumar acted in “Thirunankai” character. This film was produced in 9 corers. It brought 30 corer vasool.

This “Kanchana” film remakes in Hindi. Sanchay Thath prefers to act as “Thirunankai” character. Other actor and actress are going to elect. While Lawrance is spoken about it. In Hindi Kanchana film. She is interested to act. Some big Cinema companies approach and ask me about rights of this Hindi film. They have provided list of actors and actress who are they going to act in it. I am going to speak with them.


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