Samantha to pair up with Vijay

Vijay left from Kavutham Menan;s “Yohaan”  and sign contract next in A. Vijay’s film.

In this film, Director had told to make an agreement with Bolly wood famous actress Priyanka Soabraa to act as  Vijay’s jodi . This news came already.

But, now she was in treatment  at the time  Director Vijay has asked her to act with Vijay and left from him. He has asked to act with Vijay.

Director has begun in  inaugural work  for this film.

Gang of film had approached with Samantha and asked  to act with actor  Vijay. That will be well. She has come there after it.

she has two Telugu film already so she said that I will tell you after our adjustment .

This is great griefness  to her. Yes she has missed her  golden opportunity acting with great directors. He had to take one and final determination for it. Now It has got same chances  it was taken for immediate action. Now she has equal chances for it.


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