Salman’s “Eak Tha Tigar” has got mega vasool 210 corer with in two weeks

Salmankan’s “Eak Tha Tigar r” has got mega vasool in the first day and it brought 32 corers. In 5 days it increased and touched 100 corers.

Which film crosses over more than 100 corers that film will be honored and actor and actress salary is also increased. Actress of film promote as a leading and forwarding actress.

Ashin also joined in this list.  Her 3 Hindi films have crossed over 100 corers. “Eak Tha Daikar” has run continuously both India and in abroad and it brought totally 210 corer vasol.

Ameerkan’s “Three Idiots” film was super mega vasool film. But now his this film has led it so, his salary has increased 100 corer.

No ones didn’t get this huge amount of salary in Indian cinema history and any body (actors) didn’t get this salary up to now except him.


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