Pathma priya suffers a lot –Tamil Directors Avoid me

Pathma priya already complained director Sami beat me in my face in :Mirukam” film shooting. 

Now she rounded by problem and she has to ask a lot of salary to Manager in the world of Malayala film.

In this situation she interpreted about her self:

I have acted a lot of Tamil films. But now, long gap fell in Tamil film. I have no films or chance. Directors don’t approach me. I don’t know any reasons to it and Why they boycott me?

I am interested to act in Tamil film. If good stories have come out. I’ll act certainly. I expressed my acting talent in “Irumbhuk Koddai, and Muraddu singam”.

Malayala films gave address and fame to me. My manager rounds with problems in the world of Malayala films. He is not only manager to me. He services other actors.

I have doubt about this problems so; I don’t like to talk more about. Director Sami has beaten me and problem with manager for salary by these deeds they treated as a confused or trouble some actress. This is not right. I have acted in 45 films. Fans are caused to my successes.
I have worked with a lot of directors. They’ll know about me. I don’t make any problem with others.


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