Other language films have brought a lot of vasool in Tamil nadu

 The demand of other language films in increased in Tamil nadu gradually.

 It will be equal to Malayala and Kerala performing  actors in Telugu.

But this appreciation will be given only Tamil nadu (Chennai) to heroes and their films. Other language films haven’t shown Telugu, Hindi and Malayala but normal vasool has brought from Thirunelveli, Mathurai, Thindukkal, Thiruvannamalai and Karai kudi by changing of people’s mind in Tamil nadu.

Salman kan’s  “Eaktha tiger” brought 1.5 corer and Ravudi Raththoor” brought approximately 75 lakh. Vithya Balan’s Dirty picture brought 80 lakh. Bibasha basu film Razz 3D” brought 1 corer. Ranbeer kaboor and Eliyana’s film “Barfi” brought 50 lakh with in 3 days. Last year 90% vasool was given by other language films. Now other cities are given vasool.

Increased Multi placks Theatures have functioned by other states of students or employers particularly who resides in Tamil nadu. One director confirmed it......


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