Nayanthara’s romance of love is over—She is again in Shooting after long time

Nayanthara has come to act after long term gap. She acted at last in pass “Baskaran” in Tamil and “Sri Rama Rajyam” in Telugu films then she was ready to marriage.

But her marriage is cancelled so, She has come to act again. She has made agreement to act with Nagaarjuna’s life partner. She is going to act another one film in Tamil with Ajith. Aariya Dapsi has acted another partner. Visnuvarththan directs this film. Hr had directed one film with Ajith and Nayan.

Title hasn’t given to this new film. This film shooting is held at Mahavalipuram Rd in a bungalow. It is going with fit. Her acting with Ajith acting scenes was filmed.

Nayan participated after 2 years in film shooting in Chennai. She spoke normally by laughing and talking with others. After this film, she is going to Telugu film.


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