I am ready to marriage – Priyanga Sobra

Priyanga sobra tells about her wedding:

I am ready to my father’s desire. My mother and father like to select appropriate bride groom. One suitable life partner will come for me. I have one question that who is he?

My friend Kareena kaboor is going to marry Saib soon. This is new journey in their life. I expect their marriage eagerly. Priyanka sobra said that my father’s health condition is poor so I am ready to marriage. This is brought great amazement in Holly wood. Saib and Kareena Jodi will marry in October 16th. Their family also confirmed. Their both families of parties have made necessary arrangement.

With in this function sobra conveys her approval for her marriage. Her father is affected by cancer. Priyanga took him to America and gave treatment there in famous hospital. It had finished well.


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