Great Appreciation to English Winglish Trailer—Ajith with Sridevi

Old actress Sridevi has acted after long time in English Winglish Hindi film.

 Kavuri Shinde has directed it. This film creates in Tamil.

Ajith appears in honorable appearance in Tamil film. Ajith didn’t buy salary to it. He went there and acted in film then returned in his expense. He didn’t obtain any payments.

When sridevi talked about it, Ajith is a big and famous actor in Tamil. He acted in a lot of hit films, but he is in simple and best ones.

With in this event, Sridevi acting with Ajith film scenery English Winglish Tamil trailer released at the same time. This trailer has obtained among in fans great appreciation. Particularly it has attracted Ajith fans. This film is going to release on 5th October.


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