Will Salman Kan enjoy prison(Jail) life in Hunting Deer case

While Mumbai in Hindi film shooting in 1980 Actor Salman Kan shot and killed 2 deer then, he cooked them in party, after that he was arrested and come out by bail from the particular case. Do you have remembrance? After long time now in that case he will punish for it, in the current situation.

In 1988 while “Ham sath Haiyan” film shooting during that time. He went to forest with Actresses to hunt and finally he shot two deer there.

Animal’s protection Association opposed it. He killed that particular deer were venerated by ancient people (dwellers) Next case was filed in that time. It was with out any action, Now Rajasthan High Court has begun to investigate again.

If his guilty was proofed 3 years prison punishment, according to wild life law. Salman Kan waits with confused mind by it.


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