Took Super determination with social interest –Director—Vasanth

Plastic and plastic bags mustn’t use in shops and  Tamil films shooting and prohabited by Chennai Municipality. but it can’t be controlled by it self. This is current situation.

In this situation in the stage or venue  of film shooting don’t use plastic and don’t throw rubbish, this is his polite order. He tells about more.

“Moontru per and Moontru Kadhal” film is directed by Director Vasanth.Arjun,Seran and Vimal act in it. Shooting is in Kovai.

Scial concepts are empathazed by him in his films. in “Saththam odathai” film he expressed that what are the problems faced by drinkers. He participated in a meeting in who surrenders in the giant of Liquor and he expressed about their problems.. Their tears and sad stories thought about them with tears me. New this concept is included in film.

He thinks that when we take film , this subject must be considered and we followed them. By this reason He ordered strongly every body mustn’t use plastic and don’t throw rubbish there and prohabited by him.


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