Suddenly mind change—Sona is ready to Marriage

Attractive actress Sona is ready to marriage, already she has announced that. I never marry and she conveyed that “I can’t live with man”. They are not faith.

Presently her mind has changed, in her twitter she tells that “Who understand me and look after well, I will marry that type of man. He must be  also handsome.

Sona acts in several films such as Ko,Kuru,En Aulu, Paththu paththu, and ku selasan. She produced “Kanimozhi” film. She complained in police and filed case in court to S.P.Saran raped me in a party.Later both parties have cxome to determination  so, she had left from this incident. She involves to take a film about her real life now. She has informed that. “I will bring a darkness life of Cinema. She tells that what she faced bitterly experiences in cinema, Who tried to use me in wrong way. A lot of oppositions have come out. A lot of murderous warnings also have come out.


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