No Vijay in “Yohan” film—Kavutham Menan’s information

Vijay had already agreed to act in Yohan film with Kavutham Menan’s film direction while he was acting in “Thuppakki” film.

But, Vijay doesn’t act in his film but Vijay is interested in K.A.L.Vijay’s film. These news had come out .But both Vijay and Kavutham didn’t reject it.

But, Now first time Kavutham agreed that news was true. He had confirmed this news through his twitter.

In his twitter, hisa songs of film “Neethane En Pon Vasantham” is going to release on 1st September . This music concert is going to conduct in Chennai.

Several parties have asked about Yohan film. Yohan film doesn’t commence with Vijay.

Vijay acts his next film with A.L.Vijay Now, I’ll think after end of this my film.

For what reasons,They hadn’t joined to act each other. It doesn’t mention there.

Vijay likes to change screen film of story. This news had already released, Kavutham Menan didn’t denote about it.


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