Nayanthaara likes to see green place city Chennai

Nayanthaara has obtained 7 years experience Chennai Road, She famed by Iyar, Chandra mugi, and  Kajini and stayed in Chennai

She was busy in Thelungu later she has to go to Hydrabath. Then, she rounded Chennai, Hydrabath and Kerala. Nayanthaara tells about Chennai.

I have spent a lot of time in Chennai. I’ll like this tension mind and it has some inconveniences . Chennai roads haven’t formed properly. People suffers to  walk or drive their vehicles. Roads are in poor conditions in rainy seasons.

Water isn’t on the road when they form channels properly. Except this reason, there are a lot of places  or subjects to love Chennai . I like  to see Chennai with cleanliness and green land city. 


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