“Naan Ee” in Hindi Remake—Abeshek Bachchan

“Naan Ee” Tamil film is brought a great collection (vasool) , next Director Raja Mawli is going to remake this film in Hindi. This message is come out from fans.

One person was killed by another one, in the next re birth he will bear as an Ee and revenge him. This is simple story. Raja mawli shows it with out any copy in grand scale.

If there strong film story concept, it can do with interesting. Raja mawli has proofed it again, Red carpet welcome must be offered to him. This film is super hit in Thelungu.

Rajamawli is going go plan to remake in 3D in Hindi. He is going to show it to Abeshek Bachchan. If he likes this film I will ask to act in Naane Character. In Tamil Villan(enemy) sutheep and samantha will act it in Hindi. Rajamawli confirmed it.


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