M.S.Viswanahan gave beaten with ----------to who remakes old songs

Old songs have remaked in new films. “Thoddal Poo malarum, Pon makal Vanthal, Veththilaiyai Poddendi, Ennamma Kannu Sawkkiyamma and Aasai nooru vakai” have remaked or remix.

M.S.Visvanathan conveyed his opposition / critisms about remake songs .He has given an interview to reporters. It has given below.

What do you think about remake or remix old songs?

This  is wrong deed. How much Boldness must be wanted to do it. Remake means rape. All persons have good skills,do it newly,use own imagination don’t do remake. Remakes might go some times wrongly. Do good in everyones imaginations.

What is your opinion M.G.R., Sivaji, Rajini’s songs of music direction?

I don’t create Their songs, What music is suit to characters of film. I did it only and adds some necessary verses of songs in them.

Now, meaningful songs haven’t come, What about you think?

Now we do songs in those days. But now they compelled and obtained songs, it hasn’t come as it.

Now music experts haven’t directed music in one place, directly what do you think about it?

Dull is reason for it with several facilities. Previous( ancient days) we worked, now machines have come. Machines have done music song works. I don’t know to make songs by the help of machines.

He gave these interpretations.


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