Kochchadaiyan’s Daughter Sawntharya’s effort to show Rajini kanth as a hero who won the time

Sawntharya says that “Kochchadaiyan” film shows Rajini kanth as a hero who won the time.

When she tells more his style and his dialogue method had registered deeply in fans’ mind, this great actor will describe and show with realistic. I am tail in this film. They don’t show abnormal imaginary shows with wings. This is a photo realistic performance capturing film completely. If it is animation that will be only cartoon, they try to change it. Yes, Rajini kanth is a hero who the time.

He started his life as a bus conductor and came to un known language area and he firmed him self and what is thinking to say, He will show it his life.

This was taken in Holly wood range but it will be as an Indian film by costume, songs, dance and many different ways.

I like to take all people who love my father and his Kochchadaiyan film and I’ll take them to London, U.S, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai and Tokyo cities. He travels and meets that people. She confirms it...


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