I don’t love Rana ---- Thirisha opens her mind

Actress Thirisha is in cinema field for 10 years. She has acted 48 fils upto now. She is going to act in 3 films.

Only Simran extended as a heroine for long duration. Jothika also acted for long days. As them Thirisha also has extended .

Thirisha gave interpretation about it given below.

Fans are reason for my success to act long time more than 10 years. I can’t be done my achievement with out them and my hard work is also in it..

I don’t consider successes or failures . I gave my fullest earnings or services . Kishukishus have come out linking with Raana. I will know him more about 10 years.He is our family friend. We don’t love each other.

Marriage is joyful subject in life so I don’t search and go. I’ll agree to marriage when I meet handsome man in my life at the time I’ll agree to marriage. My marriage will place when It will happen.

I am slim by food control and regular exercise.  I don’t grow any negative attitude in mind. It will also reason for my slimness.

If we rear cat, dog as a pet at home, mind tress and sadness won’t come. When I came with problem at that time if I look dog  it will go away. “Vinnai thandi varuvaya” is my favourite film.


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