I don’t act in Shankar’s “I” film---Deepika Padukone

Deepika has rejected , in Mumbai Shakar’s “I” film I am going to act. This news has come out.But she didn’t agree it. This is only rumour, She says it again.

Actor Vikram is hero, which film is directed by Shankar. In this ilm Emy Shaksan has acted, in the same time Shankar has booked Theepika Padukon to act her for an important character, but she rejects it completely.

In her PDI article / debate, I also saw it from Google alert nws. But this is completely wrong.This is only rumour. I don’t act in shankar’s film.

Size zero body shape was asked from Theepika. I don’t worry about it. Health body and good body features are important. Who are in fat, they are health body I see it. Is size zero or beero are not important? Health is only important.


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