I am great actress in the world of Hindi film—Ashin proud

Ashin has sunk in the sea of pleasure. Nearby she acted and released film” Bol Bachchan” was hit, this is reason for her glad. Success is not new to Ashin but it brought her new status by this film.

Actress looks that which films are showed about 100 corer that will be proud them. Kareena Kaboor takes first rank in it. She has acted in “Kol mal—3, Three idiots, Body guard and Ra on” and they brought 100 corer collection (Vasool).

Ashin has performed next to Karenna’s place. Ashin has already acted “Kajini, Ready and House full films have brought good names and they have showed several days and brought about 100 corer. Now “Bol Bachchan” has crossed more than 100 corer.

When Ashin says about her great victory, I haven’t completed 5 years yet. But I have obtained honorable place with in shorten times. I haven’t expected it. “ Bal Bachchan” is super film in my life.


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